And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony ~ Revelation 12:11

We believe wholeheartedly that the word of our testimony can help destroy the works of the enemy. Below are just a few testimonies of peoples lives being touched by the power of God.

My left leg was in so much pain, and after prayer, all the pain is gone. E.S

All the pain in my back is all gone now. S.V

I really needed the prayer to get some things broken off my life, and I feel so much better now. Y.P

I always felt like I had to keep cleaning my glasses, I felt such fogginess, but now I have such clarity to see and think clearly. I felt a cleansing sweeping through me when I was prayed for and now I sense the peace of God. J.B

It was really healing to my soul to be involved with a group of ladies who showed such love and compassion to me, without harsh judgement or focusing on all my flaws. Anonymous

I really liked the teaching. Things I never really thought about before but are very helpful. Alice doesn’t use big words, she explains things, and keeps it easy to understand. I love all of her experiences and the examples that she uses, it keeps it interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed all the fun laughs. E.M.S

We came to be a support to others, but it turned out God wanted us there and I was so thankful to see the love shown to me & my daughter. She came home a different person. Both of us were encouraged so much by how God spoke to us during the prayer time. It confirmed that God hasn’t given up on me. I think I am changing & I think I’m okay with it. Thank you for giving to us so freely. F.V (Pastor’s wife)

Alice came up to me when I was in physical and emotional pain from a shoulder cramp and a combination of things (she didn’t know) and spoke such refreshing words of life to my heart, mind and soul at just the right time. It took me totally by surprise. God has a way with timing things like that. She said, From the moment I first saw you, you . . . freedom shined out of you . . . you ARE FREEDOM. And from the first moment we met, you SAW me, you accepted me RIGHT away without judgement. THANK you for being you, letting God SHINE through you . . . KEEP BEING YOU. (Alice’s words are from memory from a few weeks ago, so it’s not word for word accurate). Her words deeply touched me and filled me up. Tears of deep, amazed gratitude spilled out my eyes, making hot rivers on my chilled, red cheeks. I felt SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD which is really a rare occurrence, because I’m not a conformer. E.P

Your passion for life and the information you share is very evident. Doug 1999

Your instructions are easy to understand, and I appreciate your transparency. The examples you share makes it easier for me to put the information to use in my own life. Mariam 2010

I liked that you took the time necessary to hear my needs to be able to understand how you can help me. I never felt judged, but rather encouraged that if you can overcome, than I can too. C.J. 2017

Alice is very honest and open. She related to my emotional and personal needs. She helped to bring me out of my shell. She is very professional as well as fun to be around. She definitely has the knowledge and the positive way to communicate it. Linda 2018

The last 3 weeks I really started noticing that my eyes at times were getting a sticky feeling. On one of my eyes I felt something floating over it at times and then it would leave, but then come back again. I called Bob and Alice over to my home and asked them to pray for me. They shared Bible verses with me about healing which helped to build up our faith for healing. Then they prayed for me and I could sense God was healing me. That was 3 days ago and my eyes are healed. All glory to Jesus who is the same yesterday today and forever. I so appreciate the ministry of Bob and Alice, they have a special anointing.

Hi Alice, This is Erin from Powell River, Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for coming and sharing with us and also a healing testimony from when you prayed for me on Saturday night. Arthritis in my back, degenerative discs….I did not feel any lightening bolts that night, but I must say, my back felt different – a loosening or something….but I knew something had changed for sure when I got down on the floor Monday morning to do my Pilates stretches and was able to move so easily and pain free!
Thank you for your faithfulness! God Bless You!
Elsie D

Love in Christ