Above & Beyond

Live Effectively

How many times have you said, I need to change this in my life, only to remain trapped in the same cycle because you lacked the strength, direction and motivation to be free? Their focus is to teach the principles of freedom that can be applied into any situation.

One-on-One Counseling

Do you find yourself making the same resolutions over and over again to improve and get organized? Learn how to set goals and develop achievable plans according to the word of God.

Prayer Ministry

Bob, Alice, Josiah & Evangeline operate in the prophetic gift and offer individual prayer for people. They pray using biblical scripture and through Gods prompting give personal words for people.

Workshops & Seminars

All our workshops are designed to deliver one thing results. A typical view of the various workshops and seminars offered include: Growing Up Spiritually, Applying Practical Principles, Evangelism, Enhancing Your Marriage & Family Relationships, Youth Ministry & more.